Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vietnam War Artist

Vietnam Sketchbook:

drawings from Delta to DMZ.

by Charles Waterhouse. Rutland Vt.: Charles E. Tuttle, 1968

The work of war artists is more commonly seen in art works but is occasionally compiled in books. Charles Waterhouse served as a Marine during World War II and despite being wounded (resulting in nerve damage to his left hand) he went on to a successful art career. In 1992, he became "USMC Artist in Residence" and was promoted to the rank of Colonel in the Marine Reserves.

The sketches in this volume were completed during March 1967, midway through the Vietnam War. Waterhouse was deployed as a war artist in South Vietnam on three separate tours, documenting the activities of the US Navy and Marine Corps for their individual Combat Art Collections.

Waterhouse went on to produce works documenting Marine activities up to Desert Storm and the Iraq War.

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