Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Defense of New Guinea

During the Second World War, the conflict in the Pacific Theatre ranged over a wide area of the globe, from northern India and Burma to the Marshall Islands, south to the island of New Guinea.
The Australian Anti-Aircraft Artillery was posted to New Guinea in February 1941 and were joined by American forces after the United States entered the war. On Target with the American and Australian Anti-Aircraft Brigade in New Guinea was published in Sydney Australia by Angus & Robertson, in 1943.

"Written and illustrated by men of the Front Line Forces", it contains factual and historical accounts, photographs, poetry, doggerel, drawings, cartoons and many other works depicting the attitude of the time and the activities of the troops stationed on the island.

While the majority of the contributions centre on
war-time operations, some of the photographs in
particular are considered to be unique in
documenting the ethnography of areas and tribes
within what is now Papua New Guinea.

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