Friday, March 18, 2011

Fancy covers

I really like the old-fashioned covers that were works of art in themselves - like these


The inside cover of European Military Adventurers of Hindustan has a great map (below) and an interesting dedication:

To Lestock Reid Esquire
(of the Bombay Civil Service)
This attempt to perpetuate
the memory
is inscribed with regard
and gratitude

Without doing research into the book, one would assume this is Lestock Robert Reid (1799-1878), Governor of Mumbai 1846-1847


Further information about the artist of:

Military Dialogues. Lt.-Col. N. Newnham Davis. London: Sands & Co., 1898

The illustrations in this volume are by Richard Caton Woodville, R.I. and Louis Edwards.

Woodville (1856-1927), the son of a war artist, was brought up in St. Petersburg, lived in Paris then finally settled in London in 1875, where he began working for the Illustrated London News. Renowned for his attention to detail, as a war artist, he travelled to the Turkish war in 1878 and to the Egyptian war in 1882. He also worked in Albania and the Balkans.

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  1. Love the covers. A couple of them come with 100% more swashbuckling than contemporary works seem to have.