Friday, March 18, 2011


We're finding a lot of interesting bookplates and other inserts that give clues to how/when/where Chicksands items came to the War Office.  These books have come from all over, or been multiply owned before they ended up at Chicksands.

This one:
Charles Oman, A history of the war in the middle ages, 2nd ed rev & enl.  London: Methuen&Co. [1924]
may well have been picked up by a British defence staffer during the time of the British Mandate.  With the 'staff college' connexion it carries echoes of the military presence and role held by the British in Mandate Palestine in the inter-war period.

And this was originally from the author's own library, but seems to have come in to the collection through at minimum a second owner:

Henry Hallam Parr, Sir Major-General Sir Henry Hallam Parr; recollections and Correspondence..., London: T.F.Unwin, [1917]

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