Friday, June 24, 2011

Laurence Oliphant a Real/Fictional Life

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The Trans-Caucasian Campaign of The Turkish Army Under Omer Pasha
by Laurence Oliphant

Oliphant's life was interesting enough while he was alive.   He traveled extensively, a friendly British eye in a suspiciously convenient number of political hot-spots, he was an early Zionist, and in later life became entangled with mysticism.

The Trans-Caucasian Campaign was fought as part of conflicts between Russia and the Ottoman empire, Oliphant's friendship with Omer Pasha allowed him to follow the General through the war.

Oliphant's biographer, A. Taylor, identifies him as a British Secret Agent and it is in this role he finds his way, along with Ada Lovelace and Kurt Godel,  into the award winning The Difference Engine,  a steampunk alternative history coauthored by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.  

- Helen Clarke

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